Thursday, September 1, 2011

Left Coast Ambitions: Golf Carts on the Beach

The Goodlaffs headed north to Monterey, and I think this was quite possibly the most un-notable drive of our trip.  Then again, that could be because I was asleep for most of the journey. Oh well.  We trusted our GPS to get us from Cambria to Monterey, and it took us places we never thought we'd go--and not in a good way.  Until we were ten minutes away from our destination, we were questioning the judgement of our tiny little navigational friend.

We pulled up to the hotel, which was the fabulous Sanctuary Beach Resort just outside of Monterey in Marina, CA.  Yes, yes, the rooms are lovely.  But let me show you the real reason the Goodlaffs loved staying there:

Golf. Carts.  True to the name, the Sanctuary Beach Resort is located in a marine sanctuary--a preserved coastal habitat--and as such, you can't drive your earth-killing, carbon-spewing cars up to your room. 

Definitely worth preserving...

Solution?  Golf carts. Any hotel that gives me my own golf cart is okay in my book.

Our room was really nice.  Plush, comfy, and it had an amazing view!

Yeah, that's our balcony...

That night, the Goodlaffs went to dinner at the Chart House in Monterey.  We sat right at the window, looking out on the bay as the tide came in and the sun went down.  Once we found our table, the hostess gave us our menus and at the top they had printed a little note of congratulations to the Goodlaffs.  It had our name and everything--a really nice personal touch.  Our food was great, and we lingered there over dinner for a long time. 

Do I even need to tell you want happened next?  Mr. Goodlaff and I, being the honeymooning hombodies we apparently are, headed back to our hotel and relaxed for the rest of the night, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach just a short walk away.  We liked this whole "honeymoon" thing, and wondered how long we could logistically vacation before running out of money and losing our jobs (answer: probably not as long as we would have wanted).

We were nearing the end of our trip--only one night left.  But where were we headed this time?  Stay tuned!

There's still room in the car! Ride along with us:

Chapter 1: We Mini-Moon!
Chapter 2: Mission Possible


  1. the tide went in and the sun went down... lovely story!!

  2. OH yea Groomzila would love the golfcart bit, probably so much that he would not let me drive it, he is a golfcart driving hog because he thinks they are fun! :)