Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

"Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused."-Unknown
Welcome to the Goodlaff Blog—a place for musings on life and wedding planning!
What’s with the name?  Well, aside from being a proponent of a good laugh whenever possible, my blog's name comes courtesy of California’s Name Equality Act.  In 2007 a law was passed allowing people to do almost anything they wanted with their names when they got married.  You can take the name of your future husband as your middle or last name; your husband can take your name; you can take each others' names; or, for the creative, endeavoring few, you can make a new last name for your new family using only the letters in your current last names.  It's a bit like having Scrabble tiles sitting in front of you, rearranging until you can get your tiles to add up to an insane point total and land on the triple-word score;  Smith and Jones can marry and become the Jomiths, the Mones, the Jonsmithes, etc. 

Naturally, being a resident and soon-to-be married citizen of California (and a lover of word games), I took my last name, my fiancee's last name, and came up with what I believe is the winning combination: Goodlaff.  Though I’m not planning to, if I were going to create my own last name, this is what it would be.

There are humorous moments to be found in every day, and though fraught with serious subjects and issues, wedding planning is no different.  So, here I am: the future Mrs. Goodlaff, coming to you with tales of wedding planning highs and lows, wedding woes and oh-no’s, and I promise to tell it like it is—funny or not—all the way to the altar and beyond.

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