Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let Me Check My Calendar and Get Back to You...

In the beginning there was a boy and a girl.  They were set up on a chaperoned blind date, forced into awkward conversation, and subjected to magic tricks. Somehow they made it to a second date.  Fast forward two years, and that boy and girl (Mr. Goodlaff and I) are planning a wedding that will take place three years and a day since that lunch, and two years, three hundred and sixty four days after what they consider their first date.

First things first: we set a date for the wedding. I’m a planner; I love lists, I love files and organization and get a little thrill from putting all my ducks in a row. Knowing we didn’t want to get married too soon, but didn’t want to wait forever, we (I) immediately started looking at dates in April and May of 2011.  Looking at the calendar, I made a discovery: we could get married three years to the date from the event now known as “The Lunch!”  Plus, it would also only be two days off of our anniversary.

We looked at other dates, but kept coming back to that one particular weekend.  Both dates were available at our venue, so we asked for prices.  Hellooo, wake-up call!
The difference in cost between a Saturday wedding and a Sunday wedding was huge--six hundred dollars huge!  We took about a week to think about whether a date was worth that much to us, and then made a decision.

So, even though most weddings are held on Saturdays, and even though it meant we wouldn’t be married three years to the day from that first awkward meeting, we chose a Sunday as our wedding date.  Good thing too, since during that week a local high school booked our venue for their prom for that Saturday night (we can ask them to leave up the crepe paper to save on the decorating—tissue paper chic!).

A lot of why we picked our date had to do with cost, but there are a few bonuses.  One, it’s May Day: a day of floppy hats, May Poles, and May Baskets!  Festivities Galore!  Two, after we’re married, we will be able to have a three-day anniversary extravaganza: the Lunch-iversary, wedding anniversary, dating anniversary, all in a row. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a three-day weekend to me…

Did cost play a factor in the selection of your wedding date?

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