Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gifts for the 'Maids

I couldn't talk about it before the wedding, because a few of my bridesmaids read my blog, but now that they have gifts in hand, I wanted to share with you the gifts I gave my bridesmaids.

Now, a few people are of the opinion that I have spoiled my bridesmaids with these gifts, but as a bride and friend, I am of the opinion that I could never spoil these fabulous girls enough. In fact, I wish I could do more for them; I wish I was in a position to get them all fabulously expensive handbags and trips to Aruba, but alas, I've still not won the lottery.

In any case, here's what the Goodlaff Bridesmaids got:

About a month before the wedding I stumbled across this amazing tutorial, and couldn't resist making a bag to hold all their goodies! I am so madly in love with how they turned out, that I made one for me too!

Here's a close-up:

Inside the bags, each girl found the following:

I found a pretty simple sewing pattern for these great gathered clutches over on Noodlehead, and went on a quest for the perfect material to make a different one for each girl. I had a wee crisis of confidence in the months leading up to the wedding, wondering if the girls would like them, but I figured they would and completed the project.

Cruising around on Etsy, I found these awesome little mirrors from loverdoodles, and again, got one for each girl that suited her personality.

I so wanted to get wire hangers from lilafrances, but the expense seemed a bit frivolous, especially for a hanger. Ultimately, I came up with this hanger design, and using Daddy Goodlaff's engraving tool, engraved each girl's name on her tag and attached them to an ebony hanger (one for me too!).

Though the hangers were for pictures of their bridesmaid dresses on wedding day, I had to attach a little something to them for the opening process: a bathrobe.

I had each girl's first initial embroidered on a lightweight, powder blue spa robe for them to wear while getting ready, and hopefully for many, many years to come.

A small bottle of alcohol in case anyone needed a shot of courage, and the bags were done!

All of my bridesmaids--Sister Goodlaff, TCollins, Sunrise, and Cosmo also got a card in which I wrote them sweet nothings and many words of thanks. I also paid for their hair updos on wedding day.

Still, up until the day before, I was still questioning whether it was enough, and I hope that they all felt spoiled and loved!  I couldn't ask for better, more dedicated bridesmaids!

What did you or do you plan on getting as gifts for your bridesmaids?


  1. OMGosh, I LOVE your bags! I did something similar for our out-of-town bags (post coming soon), but on a normal gift bag. Not near as cute as yours, but it gets the job done! :-)

  2. ok you and i are like twinkies because i'm going to do those canvas doily bags too! i saw that tutorial a few weeks ago and thought it was so cute! i actually have plans to make mine in about 2 weeks! yours came out great :) i'm also doing the bathrobes as well! where did you get yours? i found some in hot pink on etsy, so that's probably where i'll get mine. the clutches and hangers!

  3. I found the bathrobes on sale at Macy's, and they have them in a bunch of colors. I took them to a local embroidery place and they put the initials on there for me. Unfortunately, I didn't think to look at etsy until way after I'd bought the bathrobes!

    I love love love the bags. I used regular doilies, but if you want the same pattern she has in the tutorial, get the Wilton brand (used for cake baking). The best part about the Wilton doilies is that they are cut better, so there are fewer paper pieces to pop out before gluing the doilies down.

  4. fantastic gifts! what lucky girls...I especially love the engraved hangers!

  5. Good gracious! You are so generous and talented. I think the gifting thing is part of the reason I'm not having attendants, haha. :)