Monday, May 30, 2011

Tee-ing Off

Sometime in the last two weeks before the wedding,  I decided that I wanted one of those bridal T-shirts that I had spent months calling stupid and rolling my eyes at. Nothing like the last minute, eh? Thing was, I didn't want any of the ones I had seen online--I wanted something custom!

Luckily, Daddy Goodlaff knows a guy that happens to work in screen printing, so after a frantic search through Impact Industries'  shirt catalog and a few urgent texts between me and my bridesmaids (because if I was going to get one, they were too), I had shirt sizes and was ready to order. I found a font I liked on (Jellyka Western Princess), picked a t-shirt hue, passed the design along, and within a week, I had shirts!

I must confess, I totally dropped the ball on photos of the shirts. My mind was gone that week! I only have mine to show you:

I loved the swirly script, and thought it added a bit of class to something that is, by nature, a bit cheesy.

It appears that Daddy Goodlaff thought so too! He jumped in on the order at the last minute and showed up on wedding day in this:

Okay, any dad that wears a pink t-shirt with swirly, girly script is pretty much the best dad ever. 

My bridesmaids and I wore them around town the day before the wedding, while getting our pedicures, and during brunch.  Go Team Bride!

I was thrilled with how our shirts came out, and Larry was so helpful during the process.  Being that they were novelty, one-time wear shirts, we were able to save a bit of money going with a less expensive thick vinyl lettering versus a thinner, more wear-resistant product.  Let me tell you, if you're looking for a crazy-talented screen printer, talk to Larry at Impact Industries.  He can hook you up with whatever you need, wherever you are!

Did you or are you going to get special shirts for you or your bridal party?


  1. I love your dad's shirt how cute! Yes I really want to get some shirts!!

  2. Your dad is so cute in his pink shirt..and so proud of you too!! Love it!