Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gifts for the 'Men

*My apologies for those of you who have already read this one.  Apparently Blogger threw a hissy fit and this post came down and never went back up...

From what I was able to deduce from the wedding catalogs I got, the only real appropriate gifts for Groomsmen standing by your side on your wedding day are a beer stein or an engraved flask--what I term the "thanks for being up there with me, but you are probably going to be needing some alcohol later" gift. This is all well and good if your groomsmen are your drinking buddies, but Mr. Goodlaff's Groomsmen aren't exactly beer stein or flask kinda guys, so finding Groomsmen gifts was a bit of a challenge for him (us).

What to do?  What to do?  He debated and searched for months, but eventually, Mr. Goodlaff decided to go with an old standby: the day-of outfit completion package.

Behold: Mr. Goodlaff's Groomsmen gifts.

Each of the Goodlaff Groomsmen received their tie (same color and fabric as the bridesmaid dresses), patterned argyle socks in our wedding colors, and silver cuff links custom engraved with their initials.

It was a pretty swanky package, and hopefully they will treasure the personalized cuff links for years to come.  The Goodlaff Groomsmen seemed to be pretty impressed with their gifts, and (major bonus!) no one appeared to be sad that they hadn't been the recipient of a beer stein...

What did you or will you get for your groomsmen?


  1. we're going to be doing argyle socks too (if i can find some with hot pink)! i think they're so cute. we're also being cheesy and buying them t-shirt tuxedos to wear the morning of the wedding while they go around and do pre-wedding stuff. one of our favorite movies is talledega nights and there's a quote that says "i want my jesus to wear a tshirt tuxedo. it says..i wanna be formal, but i'm here to party too!" should be pretty funny. love those cufflinks too! where did you get them?

  2. HAHA I just had to laugh when you mentioned the beer steins because I agree that is all you see in the catalogs and that is not what we are wanting to get our groomsmen!! This is a great idea though-- I think they will love those cufflinks though!! Cute socks I can just see the pictures now!

  3. The cufflinks are from Cathy's Concepts on Amazon.

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