Friday, February 25, 2011

The Cutest Little Scene Stealers, Ever

There's only one thing that can upstage a bride, and that's a cute kid.*  And we have two!

Our little scene stealers are two of the most adorable children on the face of the planet, and on the day of the wedding, I'm going to do my damnedest to peek around the doors at the back of the stone hall just so I can see our flower girl and ring bearer ham it up down the aisle. 

Let me introduce you to the smallest members of our wedding party, let's call them Dee and Zee.

Dee and Zee are Mr. Goodlaff's niece and nephew, and we are incredibly thrilled to have them as part of the wedding party!  Us Goodlaffs began dating about three months after Dee was born, so I've known both of them for either all or most of their lives, and we have loved watching them learn and grow and become people in their own right.   I know that sometimes really young children find it difficult to participate in a wedding (Dee will be three in a few weeks, and Zee is about 18 months old right now), but there was never any doubt that we were making the right decision in choosing them to be our flower girl and ring bearer; they'll do great!

A few days ago I got an email from FSMIL (Future Step Mother In Law) Goodlaff with a picture of the flower girl dress that she and Dee's Momma chose, and I almost died from cuteness overload.

It was simple and sweet, and had two of our wedding colors. I love the bright green of the dress, and think it will look great on Dee, who is very fair.  Love, love, love!  But here's what I love even more:

Didn't your heart just melt a little bit? 

So, while in the store, I'm told that little Dee tried on the pink dress for size, and she got a chance to accessorize a wee bit.  The veil's a bit much (I'll have that covered), but I could never get in between a little girl her tiara!  Having just discovered her girly side, I think Dee's going to have a blast in her fancy dress on our wedding day. 

Zee, on the other hand, will get to wear a mini-suit and toddle his way down the aisle with the ring pillow (though our actual rings will be with our attendants). Check him out!

Oh my goodness.  That boy's going to break hearts some day...
Mr. Goodlaff and I are so looking forward to having his niece and nephew be a part of our wedding, and I absolutely can't wait to see how and what they do!

*I don't actually believe that the ring bearer and flower girl can upstage the bride, but they can soften the guests' hearts right before the bride makes her grand entrance!

How do you know your flower girl and ring bearer? 


  1. Awww cutie pies! Our 3 year old nephew was our ring bearer and it was precious, wouldn't have traded that little sweetie being in the wedding for the world!