Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Casualty of the Wedding DIY War

Mr. Goodlaff and I spent the long weekend assembling our wedding invitations. Here's how the process began...

No, we weren't pretending to be thugs, we were preparing to meet the dreaded adhesive spray glue in the battle for the perfect DIY invitations.  The glue is miraculously effective, but it's messy, and, as you can tell from our improvised face masks, smelly.  Having never used adhesive spray for crafting, it was a bit of a risk using it to assemble our invites, but after a few minutes, we were old hats at it.

Mr. Goodlaff took charge of the glue spray, and I was quality control, setting the invite wording into the cards.  The glue gets everywhere, so we had to stop every ten to fifteen invitations to wash our hands so we didn't mess up the paper and have to do even more invitations than were already necessary. 

After about an hour, we were done with the adhesive spray, and happy to be rid of it.  Both of us were a bit woozy from the fumes (even with the bandanna masks), but Mr. Goodlaff suffered the first of what I'm sure will be many injuries in the DIY battles leading up to our wedding day.  See, he was the one doing the gluing, so he had the adhesive spray everywhere.  Behold:

Mr. Goodlaff had layers upon layers of glue on his hand--he looked like a Hollywood zombie extra. His once-grey fleece jacket?  Now it's a sticky white color, grabbing on to anything he rubs up against.  The jacket got tossed, and Mr. Goodlaff wasn't able to peel every layer of glue off his skin.   In case you're keeping count, that's adhesive glue: 2, Goodlaffs: 0.  

In Glue Removal Quest 2011, Mr Goodlaff suffered a repetitive cleaning injury that took off patches of skin and most of his arm hair. 

What have we learned?  Cover up when gluing (our tablecloth is now a brown shade of sticky, too), do not over cleanse, and buy medical masks before using any spray products...

In the end, we were able to finish our invitations.  Tomorrow I'll take them to the post office. Into the mail stream and to our guests they will go!  I can't wait to get responses and see who will be coming to the Goodlaff wedding!

Once all our guests have received the invitations, I promise I'll share how they turned out, but until then, heed our cautionary tale, and be careful when using spray glue.

Have you ever suffered injuries in your DIY crafting projects?

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