Friday, April 29, 2011

"My Dad Knows a Guy..."

One of the most commonly uttered phrases of the last year or so is this: "My Dad knows a guy that (insert whatever here)." For example, early in the planning process, Mr. Goodlaff and I were DJ hunting.  It turns out that Daddy Goodlaff knows a DJ, who gave us a really good quote for his services because he knows my dad (unfortunately, he couldn't beat the price given to us by the DJ we eventually chose).

Daddy Goodlaff knows a beer distributor (kegs at cost), a wood-supplier (wood for the arbor free of charge), a metal artist (cake topper), a videographer (free for the price of dinner) and a screen-printer(materials only). He knows someone at the rental car company (knocks $200 off the rental company's price for our honeymoon car).

I always knew that this was the case, but wedding planning has reinforced that Daddy Goodlaff pretty much knows everyone on the face of the planet. And thank goodness he does, because we have been incredibly fortunate to be able to use Daddy Goodlaff's connections to help us pull off our wedding, in some cases getting prices way better than what we thought we could get!

In addition to Daddy Goodlaff, our friends have found us a travel agent and gotten us connections at a few local hotels.  Our photographer and our florist are both friendors.  I previously worked with our caterer through a work function, and our cake artist baked my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary cake.  We have been so fortunate in this whole planning process, all because of "I know a guy..."

The lesson here?  Don't tune out when someone says,"I know a guy..." Talk to your family and friends, and even friends of friends during your planning process because you never know who you know and how they might be able to help you.  You may find an amazing gem of a vendor right under your nose!

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