Tuesday, July 5, 2011

May Day!: Beginning the Bridal Transformation

 It took hours and hours for me to go from this:

to a bride. The process took over three hours, but at the end, was totally worth it.  First, Lindsay Mackey from Styles pinned all of my hair to my head and let it set for several hours in pin curls--I have to say, it was not the best look for me.

While all the girls were getting their hair done, Sister Goodlaff went to work, helping me put my game wedding face on.  

There's nothing more scary than having your little sister, whom you used to push around at the age of five and ignored from sixth grade to junior year, in charge of making you look beautiful on your wedding day.  Luckily, in this one instance, she didn't seem to hold my past transgressions against me. 

I was still a weenie when it came to the eyeliner and the eyelash curler, and I grumbled a bit during the foundation application (what? With all the years I invested in it when I was younger, I can hardly quit harassing her now) but overall, the makeup application process was painless.

After my makeup was done, I wandered in and around the suite, watching Niki--our photographer--take pictures of my shoes, my dress, and all my accessories. I chatted with my bridesmaids as Lindsay did their hair and they put on their makeup and steamed their dresses.

Once all my bridesmaids had fantastic up-do's, it was time for me to get back in the chair, because what goes up, must come down.  All of my pin curls came cascading down, and I was really glad that I had chosen an updo--the Shirley Temple look wasn't my thing.

Aaand once the hair was back down, it had to go back up again.

With my hair in place, Lindsay helped me place my home-made veil on my head.

After it was on, I played with my veil a lot, trying to pull it away from my eyelashes (it was getting all tangled up), and finding it hard to believe that I was almost there. Then, with all my beautifying done, it was time to mug a bit for the cameras.

Hair and makeup done, I only needed one more thing to be a real bride: my dress!

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All photos by Niki Ross Photography

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  1. you look gorgeous! your hair and makeup were flawless :) very pretty!