Wednesday, July 13, 2011

May Day!: Sharp Dressed Men

There's nothing better than a man in a suit, and I have five to show you! After all those pictures of pretty girls, we need a little testosterone up in here.

Okay, maybe matching argyle socks aren't exactly super manly, but, get my drift.

While my girls and I were resting, it was time for Mr. Goodlaff and his groomsmen to take a turn in the camera's spotlight.

Just like my bridesmaids, Mr. Goodlaff's groomsmen each took a solo portrait and a buddy picture.

Brother Goodlaff

Groomsman D

Groomsman M

Groomsman K

Mr. Goodlaff and his groomsmen really took advantage of some of the awesome scenery around the Miners Foundry in Nevada City for their portraits.

Is it high noon?  'Cause it looks like five someones are spoiling for a fight. 

I love this photo spot.  The local paper just reported that it was going to be torn down to make way for a new building, which makes me incredibly sad for the history being lost, but also really happy that we got to use it for our pictures before it was gone! I love the rust stains on the corrugated metal--it adds so much character to the photos.

I still love looking at these photos. Mr. Goodlaff and his groomsmen looked so sharp, and I love the edge that some of these photos have, without being too cheesy.

Once the boys were done, it was time for a little "me" time...

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All photos by Niki Ross Photography


  1. What beautiful photos!! They are all so nice and rustic in the background. I wish our venue was a little more rustic!