Thursday, July 7, 2011

May Day!: Dress Success

Hair? Check!
Makeup? Check!
Dress? Check minus.

Clearly, I needed one more big thing before my bridal transformation was complete.

You know, it didn't occur to me until the moment I was going to put on my dress in front of the cameras that the moment would be awkward. See, I'm not an exhibitionist, nor do I have a beach-ready body, and with unattractive yet effective undergarments on under my robe and two male photographers in the room, I knew the way to proceed: the only way I was getting into my wedding dress was by doing the seventh grade P.E. quick-change shimmy.

Not familiar with this move? Allow me to demonstrate:

Bathrobe on, I stepped into my dress, and as the dress came up, the bathrobe did too. Once my dress was more or less in place, the bathrobe was off and the awkwardness was over.

Corset time! Sister Goodlaff worked on lacing me into my dress, I mugged a bit for the camera.

The corset-lacing process was long and intense, and because the privacy panel wouldn't sit straight, I actually had to have a corner of it sewn to the dress.  Yes--I was literally sewn into my dress.

We took an opportunity to have a little bit of fun with the corset top.  I saw a picture similar to this online, and knew I had to have one just like it. Don't worry--Sister Goodlaff's foot was clean.

So there I was, looking like a princess, wearing a poofy dress, and what was the first thing I wanted to do?  Twirl, of course!

After I had finished twirling, it was time for accessories:

Seeing me all gussied up got Mama Goodlaff teary, but I told her to suck it up so she wouldn't ruin my makeup.  She helped me get my necklace on.

I put on the pearl earrings that Mama Goodlaff wore on her wedding day (something old and borrowed):

I put on my new blue shoes,

And I was a bride!

Did you give any thought to changing into your dress in front of the cameras?

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All photos by Niki Ross Photography


  1. Oh I love your technique story.
    My husband is a photographer so any boudoir shots done by anyone but him would be ill-received in our house. I told my photographer "no boudoir" when we started planning and everything but that day I was like... ohhh I'm about to take my clothes off here in the bathroom and there's 3 people including a photographer in here...
    I just kept my bra on and put my yellow crinoline on and then shimmied up the dress onto myself. after the dress was on I removed the bra. It was also adventurous but nothing like this!

  2. Too funny! Love that you twirled in the dress and love the pic of your sister with her foot on your back tying you in! Looks like such fun!