Wednesday, July 20, 2011

May Day!: First, We Walk

It was go time. Everyone lined up, ready to head into the Stone Hall for our ceremony.  Daddy Goodlaff and I were the last to leave the small room where we were hiding from our guests, and it wasn't until we began walking towards the room that the nervousness hit.  As far as nerves go, it was a mild case, mostly triggered by the thought of walking down the aisle without tripping on my heels.  Oh yeah.  And all those people. 

First up, the parents were escorted to their seats:

SMIL Goodlaff

MIL Goodlaff

Mama Goodlaff

Parents seated, it was time for Mr. Goodlaff and his posse to make their entrance.  We talked about it during the planning stages, and Mr. Goodlaff didn't want to file in at the front of the ceremony space: he wanted a moment in the sun, too, so we decided that he would walk in with Houdini and his Groomsmen.  This turned out to be awesome, because it looks like he has bodyguards surrounding him on his way to our archway.

After Mr. Goodlaff and his groomsmen were in place, we sent our ring bearer, Zee, down the aisle with his "precious" cargo.

That, right there is a look of total determination.  Zee took one look at his dad, and ran down the aisle.

Look closely, and you'll see the ring pops attached to his little pillow there are flopping around. There's a reason our real rings aren't attached to his pillow!

Goal! Zee made it down the aisle and into his dad's arms.

After Zee, was time for my "posse" to make their way down the aisle.  My bridesmaids entered a little differently.  No running here--my girls entered slowly, and one at a time...




Sister Goodlaff

It was almost my turn, but we had one really important member of the bridal party left to go: our flower girl, Dee.

Dee started down the aisle...

But then she turned around to look for her mom!

Dee's Mom helped her down the aisle for a little while,

But then Dee got over her stage fright and walked the rest of the way by herself!

Flower petals down, bridal party in place--it was my turn to make my grand entrance...

How will your bridal party be entering the ceremony space?

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All photos by Niki Ross Photography

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  1. Ah so cute. I love the little flower kids, they are precious. I love the pics too of the Mr. with his posse...what a great idea to do that too..and of course to give him his moment to shine as well!