Friday, July 8, 2011

May Day!: My Chariot Awaits

Well, it was about that time. Hair and makeup done, entourage ready--we had pictures to take and a venue to get to.  But first, I had important floral business to attend to; my bouquet had just been delivered, and I took a second to look my flowers over:

My flowers passed inspection!  They were beautiful. Colorful, fun, full of texture--this was not a fussy, perfectly manicured bridal bouquet, which is just the way I liked it.

My posies passed the test, and just in time, because Daddy Goodlaff--my ride to the venue--arrived right after that.

Daddy Goodlaff, getting a look at me for the first time...

Daddy Goodlaff changed into his suit and we all left the suite together.  Check out my ride:

It's Mama Goodlaff's 1969 Cougar, and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful car to be escorted in.  I have so many memories tied to that car--it reminds me of summer (the only time it came out of the garage) and every time I think about it, I'm eleven years old, crammed in the backseat with Sister Goodlaff, top down, getting frizzy convertible hair, listening to the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" blasting through the speakers.  Now, I have one more awesome memory tied to the Cougar.

We left the hotel and took the back roads all the way to the Miners Foundry because I wasn't chancing my fancy hair-do in freeway wind.  It took us over 15 minutes, but was totally worth it. On the way there we passed by a few local high school kids frantically waving signs for a car wash, as if the frenzy of the sign was directly correlated to the amount of money made.  Daddy Goodlaff and I slowly rolled past, and their cries of "car wash" turned to oohs and aahs, and finally, "congratulations!"  I'm not gonna lie--it was pretty cool. 

We finally pulled up to the Foundry:

My hair was still in tact, and after a minute of fluffing, it was time for pictures with my girls.

How did you (or will you) arrive at your venue?

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All photos by Niki Ross Photography


  1. OO! How cool! Did you have Dolly Couture make your dress? I've been talking to them about making my dress and I was looking (ie stalking) Dolly's facebook to see some of her work and I swear I saw your picture on there! I LOVEE your dress!

  2. The flowers look beautiful (nice going with the ranunculus). And you... you look amazing, great dress!! Wish you the best. Nicole XO