Monday, January 24, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Ranunculus

I have a floral confession: the only roses present at our wedding will be the single, long-stem roses we are giving to our mothers.   Yes, you heard right.  No. Roses.

Am I a bad bride for not including such an iconic flower of romance in the wedding flowers?  Maybe, but my floral budget sure is happier for it. It's not that Mr. Goodlaff and I don't like roses, or that we are allergic to them; it's just that when my wedding vision (use your mystical voice there) arose, there was nary a rose in sight. 

Let me present to you the flowers that will be in attendance at our wedding:

Ranunculus and maybe Kale too?

And that's just the tip of the floral iceberg.  I would list the other flowers that we discussed with our florist Ingrid, owner of Grass Valley Florist, but truth be told, I can't remember them (I do remember that none of them are roses).

Our goal with the flowers is to make it seem as if someone could have picked them out of their incredibly vast and varied garden, put them in a vase they had laying around in a cupboard somewhere, and placed them on the tables for our guests' enjoyment.  The flowers we (oh, who am I kidding? I) chose are all very fresh and fun (not fussy), which is exactly the kind of tone we want to set for our wedding. 

The other thing we discussed with Ingrid?  Using real lemons in the centerpieces--talk about fresh!  Remember my inspiration  picture of the centerpieces?  Lemons.

Personal Photo

Turns out she's totally cool with it.  We'll have to get a case or two from a local grocery store, but they can easily go into the centerpieces, which she's going to let us assemble (with assistance) a few days before the wedding.  I absolutely cannot wait to see how everything comes together!

Are your wedding flower selections nontraditional? Did you plan on using any unexpected elements in your decor?

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  1. Ranunculus are my FAVORITE! And I love nontraditional centerpieces! Looking good!