Friday, January 14, 2011

When Yellow is Not Mellow...

Ever heard the saying: "Make my words as sweet as honey, for I may have to eat them later"? Let's just say I'm keeping a spoon handy.

A while ago I told the Goodlaff bridesmaids that they could wear silver shoes for the wedding.  Just like with their dresses, the style could be of their own choosing, and if they already owned silver shoes, so much the better! Sparkly, tall, short, peep toe, doesn't matter; as long as they can stand up in the shoes, the shoes are good with me.

But then I saw these pictures:

And just like that, I was in love with the idea of yellow shoes.  It's one of our colors!  It looks so cute! So. Cute.

I immediately sent a text to Sister Goodlaff, trying to get her on board.  Her reply? "Dear God. Why? Yellow?" Well, I was understandably miffed; she had insulted the cuteness.  Fine.  What does she know?  She only works in the fashion industry designing jeans.  Psssh. I asked Mama Goodlaff and was shot down again, though I'm pretty sure she and Sister Goodlaff were in cahoots. They told me that the combination of shoes, dresses, and flowers would take away from my wedding day ensemble--that it would take the attention off of me, the bride. How could they not like the yellow shoes?  And can anything that doesn't involve someone in a halter and hotpants really take attention away from the bride, I wondered.   
Still, when shoes are involved, I don't scare that easily. For a third second opinion, I turned to BM Sunrise, who first asked if the Goodlaff wedding colors were the same as our sorority colors (no, but close!), but then told me she thought it would look good (I always knew I liked her). 

Personally, the yellow shoes knock my socks off.  I love the way they look with the blue dresses, and I think they are a fun pop of color.  But, in the realm of wear-again ability, I know they are a difficult sell.  Yellow shoes would be a fun addition to my wardrobe, but I'm sure that not everyone would agree with me on that. *cough* Sister Goodlaff  *cough, cough*

So here we are a few weeks later, and I still haven't made a decision.  Silver or Yellow?  Yellow or Silver? I go back and forth every day.  Yellow is fun and silver is classy. Silver is a more neutral color, easily worn again.  If I choose yellow, I have to go back on what I said, and will add yet another cost to my Bridesmaids' plates, and I'm not sure I'm willing to do that.  But if I choose silver, I may miss that small little detail on our wedding day. 
 What do you think of the idea of yellow bridesmaid shoes? Am I going crazy, and bordering on bridezilla with this one, or do you think we should go for it?


  1. The yellow shoes are VERY cute but if your bridesmaids aren't on board I'd go with the silver. What about yellow bouquets for that pop?