Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Reveal: Bridesmaid Dresses (and a Shoe Decision)

The search for bridesmaid dresses is over!  This week Cosmo and I went dress hunting, and she picked out the style she wanted to wear for the Goodlaff wedding. We now have a complete set, and I'm thrilled to present the girls' choices to you:

As you can see by all the different styles, there was no way that I could have picked one dress that would have made them all happy; looking back, I'm really glad I had the brains to not even try.  I love all of these dresses, and I think they each look fabulous in the styles they chose.

Sister Goodlaff, Cosmo, and TCollins will order this week (Sunrise already has--she's so on top of things!), and then I can cross one more thing off of the list and rest assured that the Goodlaff bridesmaids will be fully clothed on our wedding day. 

We also have a resolution to the great shoe debate, which came in the form of a paper sample, of all things. Mr. Goodlaff and I are currently designing our invitations for the wedding (more on that later), and we ordered a few paper and envelope samples from, one of which was silver.  The minute I saw the silver against the swatch I have of the dress material, the decision was made.  Silver keeps the color scheme cool and helps balance the pops of color, whereas yellow really warms it up.  Plus, when everyone is telling you "no," you should probably listen.  Silver shoes, blue dresses, yellow, white, and green bouquets.  Done, done, and done.

Whew! Now, what's next?


  1. I love the color of those dresses! So pretty :)

  2. And with the fabric that will be left over from shortening my dress, we can almost make a back-up dress in case one of us catches on fire or something...