Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Tale of Goody Two-Shoes and the Magic Reward Points

Remember my super cute wedding shoes that I made shoe clips for?

Well, I knew that even though they were gorgeous (that does offset a little bit of pain), there was absolutely no way that I could stand/dance in those heels all night. Clearly, I was in need of a pair of reception shoes...

And just like that, I was a two-shoe bride; it's not really that much of a surprise if you know me.  I'm a "the more, the merrier" type when it comes to footwear.

Because Zappos proved to be such a goldmine the first time around, I went back there in search of perfect, comfy, post-heel, wedding day shoes, and I was not disappointed. It took me all of two seconds to find exactly what I was looking for, and once I spotted them, I don't think I even considered any other options. Those were it. The right color, just a bit of sparkle--done and done.

I placed the shoes in my cart and clicked "checkout," but when it was time to get out my credit card, I totally choked.  Guilt about buying a second pair of shoes on what I would consider the pricier side (though, keep in mind, most of my shoes come from Target) set in.  The first pair cost more than any other pair of shoes I'd ever bought, so when I was faced with the prospect of my credit card being charged, I did what any thrifty person would have done: I figured out how to get more for less.

Credit Card Reward Points, my friends. Credit Card Reward Points. I had a ton of points, sitting there, waiting to be used, and wouldn't you know it? One of the options was a Zappos gift certificate. That time, I had no problem clicking the "purchase" button.  The gift certificate was in my email faster than you could say "shoe," and a few days later, I was the proud owner of some lovely wedding day flats.

Moral of the story?  If you have the points, use the points. I know that some people save and save and save points to get big rewards, but it makes more sense for me to use them on things here and there as needed. I'm incredibly lucky in that my credit card has few restrictions and a great reward points program that can be used on almost anything, and it helped me get what I wanted at a fraction of the cost. Score!

Are you a two-shoe bride? Did any of your wedding purchases make you feel guilty?

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  1. BOTH of your shoes are super cute! A pair of flats is so, so necessary! Nice score!