Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tossing Tradition

Of all the "traditions" that Mr.Goodlaff and I are happy to be tossing out the window at our wedding, the typical bouquet and garter toss might be the one we are most relieved to see go. Loathed by all single guys and girls everywhere (including me at one point), it was an easy decision to cut it out of the program.  I don't want to single out my few single friends and chuck my bouquet at them, and Mr. Goodlaff doesn't want to fish up my skirt in front of a bunch of people (even if they are family and friends) to find a garter. Plus, most of Mr. Goodlaff's friends are married, which could lead to the most predictable garter toss ever.

But that's not to say that I won't be tossing a bouquet at all.  Oh, no.  I'll be tossing a bouquet that everyone will want to catch...

A Money Bouquet!

Between now and the wedding, the Goodlaffs (by which I mean mostly me) will need to learn a bit of money origami, and we will make cold, hard cash into pretty flowers.  I can't wait.  In addition to being a great wedding detail, it's also an awesome party trick!

The best part is, this bouquet toss is not just for the single guys and gals.  It's for anyone who wants to participate. Anyone. Grandmas, cousins, bridesmaids, parents--doesn't matter.  Get out on the floor and get ready to reach for the sky!

Are we flouting tradition?  Yeah, a bit.  Instead of an impending marriage, our bouquet will bring you good luck and $20 bucks.  How's that for a good catch?

Are you tossing a non-traditional bouquet at your wedding?


  1. This is a great idea! It's too bad I can't do that in Canada without spending a fortune. Our lowest bill is a 5, and theres no way I'm making a bouquet that could easily cost $100 when a toss bouquet will cost A LOT less.

  2. I've also seen it done by fan-folding lotto tickets, which may be another option if you can't use bills. Either way, you definitely don't want a toss bouquet to cost more than the real thing!

  3. I love that you're scrapping the toss. It's just a strange, and slightly condescending, experience.

  4. Cute Idea....Ed and Linda Karadunis..very creative.We also like the arch....