Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Veil Mail

Okay, Wedding Day attire status check.  Dress? Check.  Shoes? Check.  Anything beyond that?  Check-minus.

It's time to start seriously accessorizing.

I've known for a long time that I'll be wearing a birdcage veil: short, cute, incredibly chic, and not at all fussy. I started looking at veils online a few months ago, but the other day, as I was sitting at home--sick--I decided that it didn't look that difficult, and that I could probably make my own.

I began with the netting--the most necessary veil ingredient. Plenty of places online carry French Netting, but also require a minimum purchase, so I eventually ended up on Etsy at Birdcage Supply.  While debating the merits of different lengths--9", 12", 18"--I saw that she carried a multi-pack with a 9" and and 18" length of French netting.  Paypal was open and money sent before I had time to say "veil"--I just bought the set and set about making a hair flower to go with my as-yet nonexistent wedding headdress.

My veiling came packaged in an adorable red envelope with "Birdcage Supply" emblazoned across the front.  Mr. Goodlaff left it sitting on the table for me, and when I got home, I was excited: "Oh, good. My veil is here!"  He gave me a strange look, so I explained exactly what was in the envelope. It seems he was under the impression I had purchased supplies for a birdcage and wanted to know what I wasn't telling him. He now understands the term "birdcage veil," which I've been bandying about for months ("Ruching" is our next vocabulary lesson).

The veil mail came on Monday and I have been playing with the different looks ever since. I will still have to get a few combs and a fascinator, and I'm toying with adding rhinestones, but what I really need right now is to choose a pattern.  The interwebs offered several how-to's, but here are the ones I liked best:

Do I make the over the head style, or the veil that goes across the face and attaches on either side of my head?  One of each, maybe? I just can't decide!
For the record, I do have a back-up plan. If the DIY veil becomes a veil FAIL, I will order this:

I never plan on failure, but I always plan with options.  Here's hoping mine will look this awesome in the end!

Have any of you ever made a birdcage veil?  Am I getting in over my head? Is there a better tutorial out there? Let me know.  I need all the help I can get. 

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  1. I made my own birdcage veil (if bobby pinning some netting to my head counts). It is posted on my blog. Mine just went over my face.

    I am a new follower from WB :)