Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

Before I began exploring the wonderful world of web-based wedding inspiration, I spent my time (and money) looking through countless bridal magazines.  Helpful for about the first month, they soon got old, as I realized I was reading the same article over and over again. And still, I bought them. 

At first I flagged relevant pages with post-its, afraid to mangle the pages with my scissors.  After I made my own wedding planner, the gloves were off and the scissors were out, gnashing apart the pages of my once-sacred bridal magazine collection.

In one of my discovery sessions, practically crammed into the binding of the magazine to make way for yet another full page ad for bridal gowns, was a riveting report on the newest cake trends (so riveting that it was about an inch and a half wide!).  The trend that caught my eye? One tiered cakes.  AKA, the cake bar.

Interesting, I thought to myself. 

I continued looking at cakes, continued cutting out pictures of beautifully decorated many-tiered cakes, but the thought of a cake bar stuck with me, and aside from that one mention in The Knot, I hadn't seen so much as a picture of a cake bar. 

Thank God for Google Images:

It was that last picture that completely sold me.  I fell completely in love with the look of the cake bar and the fact that our guests would have options.  The other bonus was that Mr. Goodlaff and I wouldn't have to decide on just one flavor or type of cake; we can have carrot cake, chocolate cake, lemon cake--whatever our little hearts desire! This is a good thing, since we can be indecisive people, especially when tastiness is involved.

The other major plus is the price.  Doing a cake bar is so much cheaper than a tiered wedding cake--depending on your budget, you can go with fancy bakery cakes, less expensive grocery store cakes, or a mix of both.

I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Did you choose to go the non-traditional route when it came to your wedding cake?

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