Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Copy Cat Crafting: Faux Curled Rosewood Wreath

Every now and then, I have a brilliant, original idea.  Usually, though, I tend to steal ideas gather inspiration from others.

Several weeks ago, I stumbled across this project on one of How Joyful's Tutorial Love Fridays.  My first thought was that the Faux Curled Rosewood Wreath looked pretty, but like a pain in the ass. Naturally, I decided to try it.  I started working on it almost the next day, but it's taken me a while to finish it (partly due to the holidays and partly because of my short attention span).

Here's what I've been working on  forever for a while:

The tutorial is available via the link above, so I won't rehash all the gory details.

Let's just say hot glue is, well, hot, and there weren't enough pages in To Kill a Mockingbird to get me all the way around the wreath (don't you give me that look: the book was waterlogged at one point in its life and therefore damaged before I chopped it up for arts and crafts--I would never destroy a perfectly good copy of a literary classic--that's against the English Major Code of Ethics).

The project itself was really inexpensive.  One foam wreath, a damaged book that I already owned (and $1.50 thrift-store 80's sci-fi novel to finish the job), a bit of ribbon, and about 15 hours of making little paper rosettes and voila!  Wreath!

Here's how it came out:

The pictures don't really do it justice, and though I'm not 100% sold on the bow, I really like how this turned out.   Love of books + DIY home decor = awesomeness. 

Have you stumbled across any great DIY projects online?  Do share!

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