Friday, June 17, 2011

Purse Aid Kit

I happen to be a bit of a disaster.  If there's a cord, I trip over it; a sharp edge, I run into it; a gap, I don't mind it.  I have many scars from tangles with pavement, sharp knives, and train stations.  I fall down a lot, and I use a lot of Band-Aids.  But, because I know that I'm a total klutz, I come prepared.  Years ago, I found what might have been the best invention ever: a mini first aid kit full of assorted bandages, a perfect size for carrying on my person at all times. 

The carrying pack has suffered a good deal over the past few years, first being repaired with scotch tape, then black and yellow-striped caution tape (I thought it was appropriate), and now, even my repairs can't save my trusty bandage pack from impending doom.

In honor of my bandage packet, and out of necessity, I decided that the perfect way to break in my new sewing machine was to make a sturdier, prettier version of my fallen bandage-carrying comrade. 

To be quite honest, my sewing skills are limited.  I have never sewn anything that didn't have a straight line, and zippers still frustrate the hell out of me. Still, I sat down and thought about how I would go about making this bandage holder, and eventually I came up with what seemed like a workable plan.  I spent time picking out fabric, tried to do everything the "proper" way, and here's what I ended up with:

Success!  It's the same size as the old one, but a lot cuter, and my brand new sewing machine helped me rock it out. I have dubbed it the Purse Aid Kit.

And so, I will carry on with my disastrous tendencies, taking my custom-made, oh-so-awesome bandage holder with me in my travels.  Who knew first aid could be so chic?