Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Day at the Spa

The day before the wedding, Sister Goodlaff, BM TCollins, and I were all sporting rocking hangovers, but as the saying goes, the show must go on! And go on, it did, but with a little help from the infamous Golden Arches. As if his wanting to marry me wasn't enough, Mr. Goodlaff sacrificed a portion of his morning to go and get me hangover food: a sausage McGriddle and hash browns. That is love!

After a morning of McRehabilitation, Mama Goodlaff, Sister Goodalff, and I met BM Sunrise and BM Cosmo for a late morning brunch at Kane's in Grass Valley (TCollins was still suffering, and hence did not join us until later that evening). We had a tasty lunch, walked around town for a while, and ended up at the nail salon, ready to get fluffed and buffed in preparation for the big day!

It was manicures and pedicures all around, and my army of pink t-shirt wearing bridesmaids took over the salon:

I'm ashamed to say--and Cosmo and Sunrise were horrified to find out--that it was only the second pedicure I've ever gotten, and it was lovely. I felt incredibly spoiled and pampered, but spent the next 24 hours trying so hard not to chip a nail (I was unsuccessful) that it was almost more trouble than it was worth. Still, my toes were the perfect shade of pink, and my nails--chips and all--have never looked better!

Post beautifying, I took Cosmo and Sunrise to get settled in their hotel, ran home, and set about getting ready for our somewhat impromptu rehearsal, followed by our rehearsal dinner!

Are there any other spa slackers out there?


  1. sounds like SO much fun! i'm glad you got to have a pedicure too :) it's always nice to feel pampered.

  2. Love that you all had matching pink shirts!!