Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Practice (Even at the Last Minute) Makes Perfect

Because of a high school prom the night before, the Goodlaffs were unable to rehearse in our wedding venue until the morning of the wedding, which I found frustrating but manageable.  Upon learning that a wedding eve rehearsal was out, I came up with the genius idea of having a rehearsal breakfast, which was quickly shot down by Mama Goodlaff.

See, until about two weeks before the wedding, I was absolutely convinced that it wouldn't be too bad rehearsing on the day-of . Then I had my hair trial, and I found out just how long it would take for me to get beautiful--hours! Hours and hours of hair, and a wedding rehearsal on the big day would mean a start time of 7:30AM for my hair.   I'm not a morning person anyway, and the thought of being in a stylist's chair about three hours before I usually begin functioning on a normal day would be especially brutal on wedding morning.  Score one for Mama Goodlaff.

We explored the option of rehearsing somewhere besides the Miners Foundry before the rehearsal dinner, but until the day before the wedding, never really made a decision on where or when to rehearse. So, mere hours before our rehearsal dinner was scheduled to happen, we decided that yes, we would rehearse that evening. Since the Foundry was out, we decided to rehearse somewhere open, with a lot of parking, and not a lot of people around: the county government center.

Romantic, I know. 

Somehow, it worked.  We were able to go through the motions of the ceremony, get a few details ironed out, practice our walking, and introduce the bridal party, which is really all a rehearsal is about.  Walk here, do this, stand, smile, etc. 

The Enforcer takes charge...

Getting Dee to practice her flower girl duties...

The Groom and his men, being manly...

I'm sorry to say that I don't have any pictures of me walking, or of us rehearsing, mostly because, using a camera while participating in your own wedding rehearsal would be a little bit awkward.

Keeping with tradition, I did have a rehearsal bouquet made from tissue paper and wrapping from my Bridal shower.  Check out what Sister Goodlaff made for me:

Please excuse the crappy quality of the pictures--I took them with my iPod.

The bouquet looked fantastic, and the flowers in it looked awesome.  I could really tell that Sister Goodlaff put a ton of time and energy into making me a fantastic rehearsal bouquet!

When the rehearsal was over, it was time for dinner, and boy was I ready!

Did you have your wedding rehearsal in an unorthodox location?


  1. the rehearsal bouquet is great! she did a really good job!

  2. yea, that bouquet is fantastic! It's a shame you couldn't rehearse at your location, but i think it was def. a good decision to still go ahead and have it the night before. Doing it the morning of would have been a disaster time-wise!