Monday, June 20, 2011

Learning to be Normal Again

You may have noticed a few non-wedding related posts here lately.  Never fear, I'm still planning on writing recaps of our wedding and showing you all how fabulous the day turned out, but truth be told, I'm in transition right now.  I've been a bride and a bride to be for over a year now; I've been blogging about it for 9 months, and as soon as the wedding was over, I was at a bit of a loss.  Now that real life has resumed, I'm realizing that I've spent so much time being a bride that I have completely forgotten how to be a normal person.

I can focus on my job again.  I'm not constantly thinking about the next item on my to-do list.  I'm able to take one day at a time.  I have time now to think about things other than our wedding, and I'm slowly beginning to realize how all-encompassing planning a wedding was. You want to talk about a black hole? Plan a wedding and see how fast the time and your sanity goes by. But it's totally worth it. Our wedding was fabulous; it was worth every hour of time, every penny we spent. 

It's just that now, I have a lot of free time. I can craft and sew with no other purpose than to amuse myself. I can read books. I can...whatever, really. So, I'm trying to do, well, whatever it is that I want to do on any given day.

You'd think I'd be having a field day--a post-wedding celebration extravaganza. But I'm not. I'm overwhelmed by my choices, and I'm trying to find some sort of balance between all this free time and everything I want to do now that I'm post wedding. I want to do everything and nothing all at the same time.  "Was this what it was like before I got engaged?" I wonder. "Was there really this much time in a day?"

On one hand, I am rediscovering all of these things that I love, which is awesome. On the other hand, I'm having a hard time letting go of some aspects of wedding planning, which is completely understandable, given I've spent the better part of fifteen months focused on my nuptials.  I still love reading wedding blogs, and Martha Stewart Weddings was halfway into my basket at the grocery store the other night before I realized I didn't really have a reason to buy it anymore (it was a sad moment).  What I wish now is that I had taken more time during the last year to do more non-wedding related things so that transitioning back would have been an easier process.

So, going forward, you will see my upcoming wedding recaps, but you will also be seeing some glimpses into my life as I transition from the Goodlaff Bride to the Goodlaff Girl. Here's to the beginning of the next adventure!

Did you have a hard time adjusting to normal life after your wedding was over?

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  1. NO! I started insisting upon us being normal again the day of the wedding. We hung out with our friends that night and have resumed normal activity. It is comforting being the old us, with a new spouse sitting next to you. I enjoy the quiet time again.