Monday, June 6, 2011

The Hangover, Part I

Two days before the wedding, Sister Goodlaff, BM TCollins, and I celebrated one of my last nights as a single woman.  My bachelorette plans were left until the last minute, and unfortunately not everyone that I wanted there was able to make it.  I was pretty sad, and had a mini-bridal hissy fit, but that's just how it goes, and I mostly got over it.  Ultimately, between the three of us, Sister Goodlaff, TCollins and I had enough drinks and fun for an entire gaggle of girls!

What did I want for my bachelorette party? Sister Goodlaff wanted to know.  Nothing crazy, was my reply, but I wanted to go somewhere where we could get huge margaritas!  (Tequila and I have a deal--we've always been on good terms).  What I didn't want to do was shots...


Right.  That resolution didn't really last very long, did it? 

The Tres Amigas began the evening at a local Mexican Restaurant, Maria's.  They have just done a huge expansion, and while we waited for our table, we meandered over to the new fancy-dancy bar, where we met two of our patrons for the evening, Jim and Ade.  These gentlemen were generous enough to buy us a few rounds, and instead of the margaritas I was ready to order, Sister Goodlaff insisted we first do a Chocolate Cake Shot--"Just one!"

So we did. 

Then we had margaritas. =)

As you can see, we were appropriately decked out for the occasion.  We each had a sash and a LED bling ring that could be used to signal outer space in a pinch. I also had a veil, hand-crafted for me by Sister Goodlaff using the extra layers of tulle taken from my wedding dress during the alterations process. 

We decided to order and eat our food at the bar, and in the process made friends with our bartender (strangely enough, his name escapes me now...).

After eating almost all of my burrito (probably the only thing that saved me from an even worse hangover than the one I was already headed for), we bid farewell to Maria's and headed on over to the bar at Cirino's on Main Street, where more debauchery was in store for us...

Did you have any ideas for your bachelorette party?


  1. Looks like you had so much fun!

  2. Looks like you all had fun and I love how you are all posing showing of your rings on your hands! Too cute!