Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shoe Transformation Inspiration

If you remember, I finally decided to have my bridesmaids wear silver shoes on wedding day.  I called Sister Goodlaff a few weeks before the wedding, and she still hadn't gotten her silver shoes, so a few days before W-day (being the nosy big-sister that I am), I asked her to show me her shoes. 

Here's what she brought out:

I thought they were super cute, but didn't remember seeing these shoes in silver during any of my wanderings at Payless Shoesource. That's because, once upon a time, Sister Goodlaff's shoes looked like this:

Why, yes, those are tan suede shoes.

It turns out, that instead of buying new silver shoes, Sister Goodlaff decided to re-purpose shoes she already owned, and she spray painted them.  Go ahead and scroll back up and take another look at the first few pictures--I'll wait.

Seriously.  Those shoes are spray painted.  No, I'm not joking.  I looked at them in person, and unless she hadn't pointed out a few spots where her paint strayed, I never would have known that the shoes hadn't come from the store looking just like that.  Spray painting over the suede made her shoes look like distressed silver leather, and I was so damn impressed with her that I knew I had to share it with all of you. 

It's things like this that make me seriously consider pulling some (maybe all) of my shoes out of the closet and doing the exact same thing...

Well done, Sister Goodlaff.  Well done.


  1. WOW and yes I had to scroll back up to make sure they were spraypainted. I need to look for silver shoes for my girls too..Im thinking of just telling them to wear ANY silver shoes they can find and that those will do. P.S. I'm hosting a great giveaway this week!!