Friday, April 15, 2011

Minion Craft Nite II

You would think after the glue and tissue paper torture I put them through last week, my minions would have stayed far away from Casa Goodlaff, but not so! Mama Goodlaff and BM TCollins came back for more wedding craft fun, and what's more, Mama Goodlaff wrangled up one more set of hands! The newest member to the Goodlaff Craft Support League is The Enforcer.

The Enforcer is Mama Goodlaff's good friend and co-worker (and one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people you will ever meet), and has agreed to be our Day-Of Coordinator, which is beyond awesome!  She will keep us all in line and on time, and if any of our guests decide to cause drama (completely possible given the situations with some of our family members), she will nicely tell them to cease and desist, and if they won't behave, she will have the happy task of removing them.  Having The Enforcer in charge will mean that Mama Goodlaff and I won't be completely crazy with details on the day of the wedding...maybe.

So there we were, four little crafters all in a row. The day's agenda included pinwheel creation and Kabuki Streamer construction, and after I cracked the (crepe paper) whip, the ladies knocked it out!

Yeah, they look terrified, don't they?

We started by making the pinwheels, which we will be using as escort cards.  It was a super easy project, and Mama Goodlaff and The Enforcer had it knocked out in no time!

Once the pinwheels were finished, we moved on to the Kabuki Streamers. 

What's that, you say?  Where did that project come from? Weeell....

Here's my advice to you brides still a ways away from your wedding:  when you are within two months of your wedding day, STOP READING WEDDING INSPIRATION BLOGS.  This will be counter-productive and may result in additional projects being added to your list.  I did not do this, hence the Kabuki Streamers a la Project Wedding.
At what point in the wedding will we use them?  I don't know.  But the project was cheap and relatively easy (and I made it even easier than the tutorial), so now we have streamers.  Grand exit? Sounds good!

Happy little minions...

How it all turned out, you will have to wait and see!

Did you add projects late in the wedding planning stages, or am I the only crazy one?

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  1. Haha awesome you have such great "minions"!! Those look great, love the colors!