Friday, April 1, 2011

The Final Countdown

Today is one month until our wedding. The excitement is building! And I'm desperately trying to ward off the wave of panic and hysteria sweeping in.  One month from today I will be a wife. A wife!

Omigod, there's so, so much to do. Where did all that time go?

Let me tell you: right now, being inside my own head is almost unbearable. I've always been a stream-of-consciousness thinker--ooh, shiny!--but right now there are about seven thousand things crashing around inside my brain, clamoring for attention. I'm not gonna lie: some of those things are being moved to the bottom of the list of things I care about.

Here's a snippet of my brain for about twenty seconds this morning: Yay! I'm marrying Mr. Goodlaff!  I need to make sure the wedding has the best possible chance of being a success: favors need to be finished, thank you's must be sent, decor is finally all purchased. The seamstress needs to give me a call.  Why hasn't she called yet? Why aren't people sending in their #£<\@!?$& RSVP cards (is it really that hard?)? I'm marrying Mr. Goodlaff! I haven't been too good about breaking in my shoes; is this what insanity feels like? Should I get a wedding manicure? I want a sandwich. Where did the time go? I wonder how soon after the wedding can we move to Seattle? I'm getting married!  asdk;lhjsdfh;lahsdfh;lj;lkf'alsdffahhhh.......

As you can see, the sanity is pretty much gone, and I have to admit, if it's not wedding related, I probably couldn't care less about it--whatever "it" is. I officially have bridal brain.

On a positive note, my sanity will be restored in approximately one month.  Um, okay, so I never really had it to begin with, therefore it's not really coming back, but at least I will be able to think of things other than shoes, decor, rings, white dresses, and tulle soon!

I really am beyond excited to marry Mr. Goodlaff, and I can't wait to dig in and make this final push.  We still have so much to do (like write the ceremony?), but it's so fun seeing it all come together knowing that everything is going to be so awesome and at the end of the day, I will be marrying my best friend. 

Wish me luck as we begin the countdown to our wedding!


  1. Wow you're so close! Good luck in the final days..I definitely had plenty of meltdowns the last 2-3 weeks before the wedding haha.