Thursday, April 21, 2011

No More Questions

"What about this?"
"What do you want to do for tables?"
"How about breakfast?"
"Where are you getting ready?"
"What are you wearing?"

Unsurprisingly, I had a bit of a temper tantrum the other day.  I've been asked so many damn questions about what I want, and how I want things, and what we're doing, that I could just kick something.  The frustrating thing is that I don't have answers to some of these questions, so my answer is often: "I don't know," which just makes me more upset because, by now I should really know the answer to these questions.

I'm at the end of my question-tolerant rope.  The last weeks of planning a wedding are like having about 30 toddlers constantly asking questions--a chorus of the five "W's": Who? What? Where? When? Why?  So during my temper tantrum I told my co-workers (only half-joking) that I want people to leave me alone and stop asking me questions; I've had it up to here with questions.  "No More Questions," I kept repeating over and over.  I've decided it's my new motto, which I have since explained to Mama Goodlaff, The Enforcer, and BM TCollins as well.

After a morning full of wedding question answering (people are not listening to me!), I came back from lunch yesterday to find this on my desk:

The most beautiful Barbie Bride cake, ever, touting my new motto!  There's really nothing better than a Barbie Cake to lighten my mood, and I just had to laugh at the surprise my co-workers were able to spring on me.

Here she is in all her detailed glory:

Look closely and you'll see an icing wedding ring on Barbie's finger.

I took a few minutes to ooh and aah over my very own Barbie cake (I never had one as a child--yes, I was deprived.  No light up shoes, no Barbie was a tragic childhood), but the natives were getting restless, and I eventually had to work up the courage to cut into the cake. 

We stopped just short of taking bets on whether Barbie had legs or not (she did), pulled her out of her cake cocoon, and got to the good part: eating!

If the cake looks good, that's because it was.  Four layers of fluffy, white cake with raspberry filling--yum! The cake was supposed to have some variation on "Congrats!," but my co-workers called the bakery at the last minute to change the sentiment, and I'm so glad they did.  I wish I could properly explain just how much I loved it!

So, even though it's a little ridiculous, I'm still enforcing a question moratorium, and looking forward to overusing my new catchphrase in the next few days. 

Did you ever get overwhelmed by questions?

(And how awesome is my cake?)


  1. i love the cake and that everyone was able to laugh about your "no more questions" motto. this brought a smile to my face :)

  2. This is hilarious. Love the cake!

    And I was a total bitch the last few weeks before the wedding. I wanted everyone to LEAVE ME ALONE--I actually drafted a post entitled "Don't talk to me until after the wedding" but I never posted it because it was too bitchy.

  3. That Barbie cake is so cute! It is definitely natural to feel that way especially if the wedding is already near. All the anger that you may have felt must have been all gone after seeing that lovely Barbie bride cake!