Thursday, April 28, 2011

Minion Craft Nite III

A week ago Tuesday was our third and final Minion Craft Nite, and as usual, my minions (Mama Goodlaff, The Enforcer, and BM TCollins) were incredibly productive.  We knocked out the final stages of a few projects. 

Remember the pinwheel escort cards? They have stems and guest names now!


My minions got to work gluing green-painted stems to the pinwheels, and adding guest names...

 I fed them Penne Vodka pasta, and then we got to work assembling the table names:

Our tables are named instead of numbered, because early on in the planning process, Mama Goodlaff read an article about guests at higher numbered tables being insulted; apparently guests at table one are cooler than guests at table ten.  In deference to this completely backwards logic, we decided to name our tables after places we've visited.  Mr. Goodlaff and I are using small photo albums as table names, and filling them with a few pictures from places we've been.  Guests sitting at Table Seattle will see photos like this:

For the table names, we used photo albums from Walmart ($1.50 each), leftover ribbon from the invitations, and the same label template that we used on our invitation labels. Easy, inexpensive project--big impact!

By 9PM, we were out of things to do! My minions are so industrious, and it was such a relief to have these projects knocked out. If you have a ton of wedding crafts to get done, and need a crew, give me a call, because I have some minions I can lend you!

Did you name your tables, or number them?


  1. sounds like a fun and productive night with the minions!

  2. wow! I never thought about that with the numbers..but I guess I see what they're saying. Oh table numbers are done now so too late for me! Love your idea!

  3. That is a fantastic idea for the table numbers/names! I hadn't thought of that before.