Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Race to the Alter

I am no longer in possession of my wedding dress. And that's just a little scary. 

Ok, not so scary. 

My dress is finally being altered! "It's about time, Miss Goodlaff", you're probably thinking to yourself.

Well, as with most wedding-related things, there's a story here. My dress altering story begins the day I pulled my fantastic custom-made Dolly Couture wedding dress from the box and found that while delightful, the skirt was massively poofy...  The dress had too much skirt, and that's coming from someone who has wanted to live in tulle-laden ballerina land all her life (some of us never grow up).

A few weeks after getting the dress, I called a local seamstress, who came highly-recommended by one of my favorite local fabric stores. She told me that she would give me a call when she would be back up in town (the second week of March), and that we would have plenty of time to do my alterations in the six weeks prior to the wedding.

So, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally, I called her at the beginning of last week, and receiving no response (a big no-no in Goodlaff wedding-planning land), I opened up my trusty yellow pages and found someone else.  Now, I don't know how everyone else uses the yellow pages, but in general, I figure that the bigger the ad, the better.  Ad space is really expensive, but it pays off (at least when someone like me is using the yellow pages), because when in doubt, I will go with the person with the biggest listing. 

I ended up selecting a seamstress with the largest only ad in the alterations section, and called for an appointment.

"Can you come in today?" she asked me.
Quick, eager, fast turn-around.  This was a good sign. 
We made an appointment for Saturday, and now, Pastora has my dress and will be de-poofy-ing it in the next week or so.  I am a little bit nervous to no longer have my dress, but relieved to finally be getting the much-needed work done that it needs.

I just hope that it doesn't end up looking deflated!

Were/are you nervous about getting alterations made to your dress?

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  1. good luck with the alterations! i hope they turn out well! i am not looking forward to when i have to get my dress altered. i'll be so nervous!