Thursday, November 4, 2010

On This, My Second Marriage...

Would you like to meet my first husband?  Even though he was a firefighter and I was a dinosaur, we still hit it off…
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Confession time:  I was married many years ago at the tender age of five.  It was a beautiful ceremony!  We were in such a hurry to get married that I had to make do with a borrowed dress and a red hat; he wore a suit jacket with rolled up sleeves.  My flowers were picked from the garden on the ceremony site, and we were married next to the pool. His brother,  both ring bearer and groomsman, carried my ring—a beautiful white plastic band with a plastic topaz (I think my groom made me give it back afterwards--such a gentleman!).  

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(Okay, on a sidenote, do you see the date on that picture? May 1, 1989?  I’m getting married for real on May 1st!  Must be destiny!) 

Good thing is, since I was below the age of consent at the time, I’m free to marry Mr. Goodlaff…My next wedding will be a lot different than that first one, which is probably a very good thing.

Are there any illcit underage weddings in your past?

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  1. did your parents give their consent to your 1989 wedding, cause then you could legitimately be married and you should probably get on with dealing with that issue...