Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Ones That Weren't, Part 3

It’s time to come clean about something: before I went shopping, I actually did have an idea on the kind of dress I wanted. 
The problem: I wasn’t really seeing it anywhere. 
A few years ago on Easter, I was looking at pictures in my cousin’s house (though, technically she’s my grandmother’s cousin, which makes her my cousin three times removed to the seventeenth power).  I was looking at family portraits and pictures of grandchildren when I came across her wedding portrait. There she was, a blushing bride of fifty some-odd years ago, in a short, tea length dress.  It made me stop in my tracks and forever changed my ideas on what a wedding dress should or could be.  It looked something like this:

Fast forward three years.  I started looking at wedding dresses and nothing I was seeing in the bridal magazines I was buying even came close to that style.  I clipped pictures of full-length dresses I liked and glued them into my wedding book, but I only once did I pause on a page and say: "That could be my dress!”  Still, I was open to the possibility that other styles might wow me, so, with that attitude in mind, I went dress shopping.
The search for the short dress led me to consider cutting off the bottom of the dress I liked at Alfred Angelo (which would have undoubtedly created an astronomically expensive alterations bill). Look! We even tried to capture the look of it:
See that?  That's my "Take the picture before I kill you" face.....

The seach for the short dress required me to suck it up and put on the lace dress at David’s Bridal.  
The search for the short dress led me to this Justin Alexander beauty, which was unfortunately the wrong color and out of my budget (but oh, so pretty!):

I googled and googled and googled some more, and I kept finding nothing. So, I tried on more long dresses hoping to be wowed into acceptance of the long dress convention.  And you know what? It almost happened...
Next: The Ones that Weren't, Part 49,872
Were you looking for a hard-to-find style for your wedding dress?

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