Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Cameo Appearance

Perhaps you remember my gigantic Cameo conundrum? 

The first necklace I bought was way too big, and though I wasn't sure that lightning could strike twice, I knew I wasn't ready to give up on the cameo idea.  I had to try again.  Back to Etsy I went, still in search of a blue cameo that wasn't the size of Lake Michigan.  And what do you know?   I found one!  A set of six blue cameos for $2.95, and two cameo settings for another $2.00, and I was back in business.

See? Much, much better:

I am actually incredibly happy that the first cameo didn't work out, because I think the new setting is much simpler, and a better piece for my wedding day necklace.

I got to work creating the necklace, using round, crystal beads and shell pearls, some silver findings, and a little bit of chain to make the necklace adjustable.  It took me a few hours of work, bending the findings to fit my beads and connecting everything together, but I finally finished, and I love it!

Wedding necklace? Check! 

I wish I could show you all how fabulous it looks next to my dress (because it really does), but you'll just have to wait until our pictures come back to see the full picture.  The blue of the cameo really pops off of the bright white on my dress, and the white pearls on the necklace match Mama Goodlaff's pearl earrings exactly.

The whole effect is just swoon-worthy, and I'm so glad that I was able to find another cameo, because this necklace is perfect for my wedding day look!

Did you or will you make some of your wedding jewelry


  1. i love how it turned out. the cameo is really cute and dainty and your beadwork is great :) i'm glad it all turned out well!

  2. so pretty! That's fantastic, I need to think about my jewelry oy!!