Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clean Cup! Move Down!: Bridal Shower Blues

The morning of my bridal shower, this was the first thing I saw:



Okay, so I live in the foothills, and yes, we get snow every year.  It's not usually a big deal.  One big snowstorm every winter, everyone freaks out, and then it's back to normal.  But this year...oh, man.  This year we've been walloped; with all the snow and rain, we've seen the sun for maybe three or four days this entire month. Now, I love snow, but on my terms: good book, fireplace, warm blankets--you get the idea. 

You know when I don't love snow?--on the morning of my bridal shower when I know it means that people I was looking forward to seeing won't be able to make it, due to the aforementioned snow. 


I'm not gonna lie: preparing to go to my shower was rough.  It took me an hour and half to get ready (usually takes me twenty minutes, if that), because I was trying really hard to look "bridal." While getting ready, Mama Goodlaff called with updates on the guest list:  "Have you heard from so-and-so?"  "Oh no, she can't come now."  "Another person called..." It felt like everyone who was supposed to be there was no longer going to show up, and I went a little bridezilla there for a while: "WTF Mother Nature?!?! What did I ever do to you?  Is it so much to ask for you to knock it off for a few days so that everyone can come? "  Cue stomping and further ranting.

FSMIL and FSSIL (Dee and Zee's Mama) could not make it over the hill from Reno for fear of not being able to get back home, and several of my co-workers were completely snowed in and not able to go anywhere.  Bridesmaids Sunrise and Cosmo were coming up from San Francisco, and were wondering if they'd need chains or not, and Sister Goodlaff (in her infinite optimism) was not prepared for snow and brought only flip flops and sundresses.  (Heh. Sister Goodlaff, it's called it out.) Ultimately the roads were fine and I was able to make it to Mama Goodlaff's house with no drama, but not everyone had the same luck.  

I felt each absence keenly, and as I was on my way to the shower and a few minutes after I arrived, I had to fight back tears.  "It's. Not. Fair," Goodlaff Bridezilla lamented. Then I realized I had to suck it up.  It was going to be a happy day with the people that were able to attend.  I could be a pissy bridezilla, or I could just enjoy the day. I close enjoyment, and I'm glad I did, because soon after that, the fun began...

Were there any obstacles standing between you and your bridal shower?

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