Friday, March 11, 2011

March, Not April Showers...

A few days after we sent out our wedding invitations (I'll reveal them next week--promise!), Sister Goodlaff mailed invitations to my bridal shower in a few weeks.   Two days later, we had Snowmageddon 2011 (total chaos--my work was even closed!), so mail was delayed, etc, etc, and even though everyone else was getting their invitations, mine was nowhere to be seen; at first, I blamed it on the snow. Weeks passed, and as day after day's worth of mail showed no sign of the bright pink envelope I was waiting for, I began to despair--surely I would be invited to my own bridal shower?

It turns out I was, but Sister Goodlaff was so confident that she knew my address that she sent it without checking to see that my address was correct.  It wasn't.  But it's all good, because my invitation came on Wednesday, and since the invitations are fabulous and Sister Goodlaff spent a lot of time working on them, I just have to show them to you!

Yay!  How fun! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories for all kinds of literary reasons that I won't bore you with now, and quite a few personal reasons, like the fact that Wonderland inspired my one and only tattoo (bread and butterflies, if you were curious).

Anywhoo, Mama and Sister Goodlaff took my love for tea and Wonderland and ran with it! I love how the invitations look and feel like an old deck of cards, because it will play into the Wonderland atmosphere of a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  Also, can we talk about how excited I am for the hats?  I know mine is awesome, and I am so excited to see the other feats of millinery present for the party! I'm really looking forward to all the classy but quirky details, and I don't even know what they all are yet!

Just getting a chance to visit with everyone who comes to enjoy the madness will be awesome,  and I can't wait, can't wait until this very important date!

Did your personality inspire your bridal shower theme?


  1. Oh my goodness! Those are like, the COOLEST bridal shower invites I have ever seen! How cool!

  2. that is a super cool invitation! i love it!