Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bridal BINGO!

Until Saturday I was still without Something Old and Something Borrowed, but no more! My bridal bingo board is finally complete, as is my wedding day outfit!

Girls love accessories, and this girl is no exception to that rule, so when all of my pieces were done (or in draft form), I couldn't resist the overwhelming urge to put it all together and make sure the outfit worked. Boy, did it ever! With gown, veil, necklace, hair flower and shoes on, I looked in the mirror and saw a bride, but though all of my accessories were great, I was still a bride without earrings. I sighed and decided we'd just figure it out later. Luckily, "later" turned out to be the very next day.

After my bridal shower, when only family was left, Sister Goodlaff helped me into my wedding dress so that she could get a load of me and give me her professional opinion on my upcoming alterations (she's a denim designer and a design school graduate who gets me all the sample jeans a girl could ever want!). As I was preening in front of the mirror, Mama Goodlaff asked the dreaded earring question. 

I told her I still had no idea and she once again offered up her double pearl earrings for the job. Since standing there in a wedding dress with all of your accessories really is the perfect time to try and complete the look, I gave it a whirl.

Chalk one up for Mama Goodlaff--they were perfect. Classy, dainty, and awesome. I was pretty happy to find that my game of bridal bingo was complete, and that Something Old and Borrowed came in one fell swoop.

But wait, it gets better.

Mama Goodlaff has been asking me if I want to wear these earrings for months.  In the week before I got my dress, she offered me the use of her earrings, and I told her that until I got the dress (a few short days later) I couldn't even think about accessories.  After I got the dress, she reminded me about them again; at the Valentine's Day benefit we went to, she wore the earrings and, well, you get the idea...

So there I was in all my wedding day gear, including Mama Goodlaff's earrings, when she mentions that those were the earrings she wore on her wedding day. Um, hello?  Don't you think that would have been an important thing to tell me a while ago?  Well, the sentimental sucker that I am got all mushy over that, so in addition to having the perfect wedding earrings, I'll have a little piece of jewelry that also witnessed my mom's wedding vows as I walk down the aisle.

I love that I'll be wearing the same earrings on my wedding day as she did on hers about 30 years ago, and I'm pretty sure that she's really excited about it too.  See, Mama Goodlaff saved her wedding dress just knowing that someday Sister Goodlaff or I would love and want to wear it; Um, maybe someday her granddaughter will love it?  In any case, it's pretty awesome to be able to wear a piece of Mama Goodlaff's wedding, even if it's not the dress she may have once upon a time hoped it would be. 

Something Old: Check
Something New: Check
Something Borrowed: Check
Something Blue: Check
A Sixpence for My Shoe: Check

Did you follow the something old, new, borrowed, and blue tradition?

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  1. i love it! i'm glad you checked off everything on your list!