Monday, March 14, 2011

Time to Accessorize

My wedding dress came a few months ago, and when Mama Goodlaff and I were playing dress up, we both realized something:  I would need one hell of a statement necklace to go with my gown.  As I looked around at necklaces, I found myself drawn, time after time, to the same design:

But these necklaces were a little too classic, a little too chic, and a little too, well, white.  I knew I wanted  a bit of color, so I went looking for another "something blue" to match my shoes.  And what did I find?

It was almost perfect, but not quite.  See, I couldn't get past the bronze, as I was sure it would look clunky with my tea-length, tulle-skirted dress. But there was one word in the product description--cameo--that really set me off.  I absolutely love cameos, and after a few minutes of thinking and about two hours of searching, I had my solution: a three strand necklace with a blue cameo. Etsy to the rescue once again.  I found a necklace with the perfect cameo and decided I would order it, dismantle it, and remake it into a necklace worthy of a bride. 

If only things were that easy. 

I got the necklace in the mail a few days later and had an incredibly rude awakening.  The cameo was huge! 

There was no way a cameo of that size would look delicate or bridal, so it was back to square one.  The lesson here: get all the details from the seller before you order, otherwise you, too, will be the proud (?) owner of a piece of jewelry that will never, ever be worn and can't be returned.

Back to the drawing board I went, obsessed with this idea of a cameo necklace.  And once I have an idea in my head, it's really hard for me to let it go...

Did you buy anything for your wedding that wasn't what you expected? 

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  1. I'm sad to hear the cameo was too big! otherwise, it would've been so cute! i hope you can find one that ends up being the perfect one.