Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time to Suit Up

With fewer than two months to go, there was one really big detail that we still needed to take care of: Mr. Goodlaff's wedding day attire.  With me in a poofy, white gown, he can't really stand up there in sweatpants and a ratty old shirt, so he needed to procure an outfit suitable for saying "I do". 

Early on we discussed tuxedos.  I was really hoping he'd decide to wear a white tux  (like Daddy Goodlaff did!), but Mr. Goodlaff nixed that one almost right away.  Tuxedos felt a bit formal for our afternoon ceremony, so we looked at our alternatives, and Mr. Goodlaff ultimately decided that a nice black suit would suit him just fine (heh.).

Last weekend, we decided to go to Men's Wearhouse to find Mr. Goodlaff's wedding suit, but we never actually made it there...

On the 45 minute drive to our "local"  Men's Warehouse, Mr. Goodlaff called his mom, FMIL (Future Mother In Law) Goodlaff, just to catch up (he is such a good egg). During their conversation, she mentioned that Macy's was having a really good sale on suits.  Due to an online dress purchase of disastrousness, we had to go to Macy's anyway to get rid of said disaster, and we decided to check out the so-called Magic of Macy's for ourselves.

Okay, I want to know: since when is anything acually on sale when you want or need it to be?  Since Mr. Goodlaff wanted a suit, apparently.  Well, he wandered in the suit department for a while, and since one of my biggest shopping pet peeves is when he hovers right next to me as I'm browsing, I set off to investigate the tie selection and let Mr. Goodlaff do his thing.  By the time I came back a few minutes later with several neck wear options, he had wrangled a menswear salesman, who helped us find a good suit option, explained to us what the numbers on the tags in men's shirts mean, and sent Mr. Goodlaff into the dressing room to try it all out. I waited while Mr. Goodlaff changed, and shuffled through the ties I'd gathered, secretly picking a favorite that I hoped he'd agree with. 

When Mr. Goodlaff came out of the dressing room in his suit, I took one look at him and said, "I might even marry you in that suit."  Mr. Goodlaff told me that the old lady waiting next to me in the lounge got a kick out of that, but I didn't even hear her--I was too busy checking out my husband-to-be in his fancy duds!  Let me tell you--he looked pretty handsome.  At the end of the day, he ended up with a suit--half off, a tie (my favorite one, yay!), and we grabbed some argyle socks for him and his groomsmen, all for less than what he would have spent for one suit at Men's Warehouse.

The result?

It turns out that since this is basically Mr.Goodlaff's entire look on Wedding Day, he doesn't want me to take pictures of him in his suit and post it, because it gives away the surprise. So, I hope you'll forgive me for not having pictures of how great he looks all gussied up.

One of my favorite details about his suit is the subtle striping in the fabric--it adds interest so that the suit doen't look like funeral attire. And his tie?  Oh, my love of his tie is legendary; it's a Calvin Klein Steel tie, in a darker shade of silver with an almost bluish tint.  I loved in on the rack, and I loved it even more once Mr. Goodlaff put it on with his suit! 

We left Macy's feeling incredibly accomplished and smug about the great deal he'd gotten, and I'm so glad that Mr. Goodlaff has his wedding day outfit.  Once the alterations on my gown are done, we'll be completely attired and ready to the million other wedding details that we have yet to finish! 

Did you have a say in your Groom's attire, or did he find his wedding day look all on his own?


  1. I'm a new follower, and I've got to say...I love this post! I think it's great your groomie got to find his suit at macy's!

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