Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready For Our Closeup

A package came for us in the mail last week, and though the box was a nondescript cardboard, it's what was inside that counts.

Our engagement pictures are here!  Niki of Niki Ross Photography, sent us a few prints and a DVD of all our pictures taken (both edited images and unedited images) and we are thrilled to pieces to have them.  She sent us six prints of three different pictures on different kinds of photo paper: matte, metallic (loved it!), and regular photo paper, as well as a specially packaged DVD.  Look at that cover!  It's beyond awesome.  Our engagement photos have their own, personalized case that truly is a keepsake in and of itself. 

But the best part, of course, are the pictures, so without further ado, here are a few of my favorites: (Warning! Picture heavy!)

I'm supposed to be sweetly looking up at Mr. Goodlaff, but I just look a little bit evil here. Still, I like it.

Yeah, we are that dorky.

This one is quite possibly my favorite picture of us, ever.

All photos taken by the awesome Niki Ross!

We've already framed one print and put it up on the wall in our bedroom--I have to say, it's pretty nice having pictures of us that weren't taken doing the one-armed stretch.  Now we just have to decide what to do with the rest!


  1. They look wonderful!!!
    I want one :)

  2. CUTE Lil! Love the book photo, so you.

  3. These are Fantastic!! I love that dvd case she sent you!