Monday, March 7, 2011

Say Cheese!

Way back in April of last year, when Mama Goodlaff, Sister Goodlaff, and I attended the Folsom bridal fair, I fell in love with this:

The much-vaunted photo booth!

I have quite a few strips of pictures from my younger days: four frames of as many goofy faces as could cram into the tiny booth, smiling, laughing, and trying not to fall out of the mirrored picture frame.  When I saw the photo booth vendor at the bridal fair, I was beyond excited.  The thought of having one at the Goodlaff wedding was so tantalizing, and I just had to learn more about it. 

We talked to Mike Jensen, of Jensen Photobooth out of Sacramento, got prices, delivery information, and as you can see, we got to try it out.  I have to tell you, by the eighth frame, I was completely sold.  See, this wasn't just any photo booth:  This booth can hold anywhere from one to six people, and each user can choose black and white or color prints.  The booth prints a strip for you and one for your guests, and after the wedding, all pictures taken throughout the night are sent to you on a DVD; if that wasn't enough, with a password, the pictures are all available online after the wedding for you and your guests to see.

Oh, man.  I walked away from the bridal fair inundated with details but knowing one thing: we had to have a photo booth. I came home, bag full of goodies, head full of plans, and showed Mr. Goodlaff our pictures from the booth, the price sheet, and babbled on and on about the features and high points and asked what he thought.

He thought it was just okay.

That sound you just heard?  That was my heart breaking.  I was sure it would be an easy sell, but it really wasn't.  See, Mr. Goodlaff thought the concept was cool, but "I don't really know if people will use it," he said.  Really?  Really?!? Who doesn't love a photo booth? People pay five bucks to workers at the fair to squeeze into those skinny little booths with one tiny little seat and get one set of pictures. Here is a classy booth, comfortably fitting six people, pictures are free, and people won't use it?  Oh, Mr. Goodlaff...

From there, the Photo Booth 2011 campaign began.  I talked about the possibility of a photo booth at the wedding with a lot of people, especially when Mr. Goodalff was present.  Time after time, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Seeing the fact that people would use it, coupled with my irresistible puppy-dog eyes, Mr. Goodlaff finally gave in and we booked the photo booth.

Of course, a month or so after we booked the booth, I read online that a ton of brides are DIY-ing their own Faux-to Booths. I love the concept (and the price) of the homemade booths, but I've learned that in the DIY wedding war, you have to pick your battles, and this was one I'm sure I would have lost.  Sometimes, it's best to leave it to the professionals.

I can't wait to see our guests having fun and taking pictures in the photo booth, and in case they need a little bit of encouragement, we'll be setting it up right across from the bar.  I only hope there's enough time for Mr. Goodlaff and I to get in there and snap a few pictures ourselves!

Was there any item for your wedding that you really wanted and had to do a little wheedling (or whining) to get?

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