Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clean Cup! Move Down!: Let the Games Begin

Mama and Sister Goodlaff set the date for my shower several months prior to the actual date, at which point, I had just one stipulation: no lame games.  Now, I know everyone's definition of "lame" differs, but as far as I was concerned, any games involving cotton balls were completely off the table. 

After several weeks of hunting, Mama Goodlaff came up with a few games, which she ran past me: Mad Libs and Spice of Life, both of which passed muster.  In the days leading up to the shower, I discovered that she'd left off one essential shower game: Toilet Paper Bride.

Let's return once again to the definition of "lame." I would not consider the TP Bride game "lame," but perhaps that's because I wasn't going to be the one wrapped in toilet paper?

As you can see, BM Sunrise does not agree:

For those not in the know, TP Bride is a game in which shower guests are broken into teams, given a ration of toilet paper, a set amount of time, and told to design a wedding dress out of toilet paper, with one team member serving as the model.

I love this game!

Right after lunch was over, we headed down into the other room to begin the festivities.  TP Bride was first on the list.  Guests divided themselves into three teams, had 12 rolls of toilet paper, 15 minutes, and were set loose:

Now, if you were paying close attention, you probably have a question for me: Miss Goodlaff, is that a boy at your shower?  Yep, it sure is!  Our lovely male model was none other than my cousin, who I will call "Super K," because no one other than a super man would come in to a room full of women and be a good sport about being wrapped up in toilet paper. 

Out of fifteen minutes of chaos came three awesome TP bridal designs:

 The first dress, sported by co-worker E, was a cross-bodice halter number, with a fabulous braided bridal headband. Super K was fashionably attired in a woven bodiced number with a shoulder strap, and many fabulous bow details.  BM Sunrise was a good sport in a form-fitting one-shouldered dress with a simple train and great flower detailing along the shoulder. 

Survey says?  I had to give the prize to BM Sunrise's simple attire--the flowers on the shoulder totally won me over.

After the game, the "brides" couldn't get out of their dresses fast enough.

After the TP was gone, Mama Goodlaff hustled us off to the next game--Spice of Life--where she had 12 containers with different herbs and spices that guests had to guess the contents of using only sight and smell. Mr. Goodlaff and I cook all the time, and I'm happy to say that my spice knowledge was equal to the task, and that I was the only one who got all twelve right.  

We finished the game portion of the shower with a bit of Mad Libs, which turned out to be pretty funny, and I still have piles of them to read through. Next time I'm suffering wedding stress, I'll use them to calm myself down!

The games were so fun, and not "lame" (at least not by my definition), but it was time to move along and do the requisite gift opening portion of the shower...

What (if any) games did you or do you want to play at your shower?  Did you or will you have boys infiltrating your event?


  1. aww i love all the games..even the tp one. what's a bridal shower without the tp dress game? and i've never heard of the spice of life one. what exactly did that entail?

  2. There's a better description of how to do it here:

    Instead of keeping the spices in their original containers, we put them in little clear containers that were all the same and labeled the top of each canister with numbers. My mom had pre-printed sheets of paper with spaces for numbers 1-12, and everyone wrote in their answers on the sheet.

    If you have a lot of people, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have two sets of spices so more people could guess at once!

  3. These sounds like such fun games! What a good sport Super K was!! I will have two of my best male friends at my shower, but they are gay and totally excited for the festivities! I asked them if they would feel uncomfortable being a part of the shower or if they would like to join. Seeing as they really are two of my closest friends, I couldn't imagine them not being there. They were also invited to the bachelorette party!

  4. How fun! Super K was such a trooper how sweet!