Tuesday, August 23, 2011

May Day!: The Cows Come Home

Mr. Goodlaff and I didn't do a grand exit. 

Instead, we partied for hours and hours, and slowly the crowd thinned out.  Around 9 PM, people started taking decorations off of tables, we cut off the DJ, and our somewhat inebriated family members got up on ladders and took down the lights and lanterns that had been so carefully hung from the rafters.
Right then seemed like an appropriate time to depart.  We gathered our things and headed out to our getaway vehicle, which was the 1969 Cougar I'd arrived in earlier that afternoon.  It looked a little different than it had before, and that wasn't just because it was dark outside:

Jensen Photobooth

Remember when I said that those streamers my minions and I had spent hours and hours making would pop up again?  Here they are!  It seems that Cousin K was the ringleader of the streamer gang.  There were streamers all over the car. The escort cards for our guests--the pinwheels--were wedged in the back, and a "Just Married"  sign was wired to the bumper.  The Cougar was nothing if not festively attired. 

After Daddy Goodlaff had successfully terrified my new husband with death and dismemberment if the car was maimed, we climbed in, and some of our remaining guests came outside to hoot and holler at us.  Our photographer had long since gone home, so Mike Jensen, of Jensen Photobooth, grabbed his camera and snapped a few pictures of our exit!

Jensen Photobooth

And the Goodlaffs were off!  Instead of heading to some fancy hotel, we just drove home. Financially, it just made sense; I mean, we live five minutes from our venue.  The drive to our house involved a lot of flying streamers, and I was absolutely convinced that we were going to get fined for littering, because even at the slooow speed of 15 miles per hour, streamers were flying off into the night. 

The Goodlaffs arrived home without incident.  We walked in the door, flopped on our couch, looked around, and could hardly believe that the wedding was over. It was a fantastic night--just the beginning to our fantastic new life together!

I want to send a big, huge thank you to Mike Jensen, of Jensen Photobooth for capturing this last bit of our wedding.  It was incredibly cool of him to jump in and capture that moment for us!

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  1. I just love the way you write this story.. I feel I've been reading a good book so far...