Tuesday, August 9, 2011

May Day!: Family Photos

Inside the Miners Foundry, our guests and Bridal Party were enjoying our appetizers and free-flowing beer and wine, but we were outside, dutifully posing for pictures with our family.  Niki told us that we wouldn't be moving much during all of our formal shots, which turned out to be the case.  For most of our photos, we are in the same spot, in exactly the same pose.  It made it easy for us--we didn't have to move or change.  People were swapped in and out, and our family pictures went by just as quickly as our bridal party shots.

With Daddy, Mama, and Sister Goodlaff

Aunt Goodlaff and Sister Goodlaff's Boyfriend hopped in for this one

With the Goodlaff Grandparents

BIL Goodlaff, MIL Goodlaff, Mrs. and Mr., and SFIL Goodlaff

Mr. Goodlaff's Grandma and Uncle

With SMIL Goodlaff and FIL Goodlaff

With Groomsmen D, Ring Bearer Zee, SSIL M, SSIL K and her BF, SMIL, Flower Girl Dee, FIL, and BIL Goodlaff (Whew!)

Our family pictures, which make our families look huge, were much smaller than they should have been, given the fact that a majority of my family  and a few members of Mr. Goodlaff's family didn't make it to our wedding.  Looking back at these pictures, I'm still pretty bummed out about that, but I guess that's just how it goes...

Because you're a captive audience, I'll also share a few other family pictures that I loved:

Mr. Goodlaff and FIL Goodlaff have had a disagreement about who was taller, and demanded photographic evidence.  I think the winner is clear:

It's clear here too:

SFIL and MIL Goodlaff with her family

Dee with SSIL K, SSIL M (her mom), and SMIL Goodlaff

All the moms with the handkerchiefs I embroidered for them

The Goodlaffs with Houdini, our officiant



With Mama Goodlaff

With Daddy Goodlaff

One of my favorites from the whole day...

I absolutely love how our family photos turned out!  It's so great to have these pictures to keep forever, especially because we don't often take pictures with our families.  What wonderful memories!

Miss something? Catch up here:

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  1. What a beautiful family. And I know I keep saying this but your venue was just amazing for photos and had so many great photo op locations!