Tuesday, August 16, 2011

May Day!: Holy Cake Bar, Batman!

The cake.  Oh, the cake!

 Early on, I fell in love with the idea of a cake bar, and even now, months after the wedding, it's one of my favorite things.  I mean, just look at it:

Um. YUM.  Looking at our cake bar made me feel like I was a kid in Willy Wonka's Candy Factory, and I wanted a piece of Every. Single. One. We had eleven different flavors, and one two-tiered cake for Mr. Goodlaff and I to cut into. 

Each cake was labeled with a card showing what it was, so guests could make an informed decision as to which flavor(s) they wanted to try.

 Our cake topper was custom-made out of acrylic, and was the same figure that we used on our Save the Dates and our wedding programs.  

When it was time to cut the cake, Mr. Goodlaff and I headed over to the cake bar area, and there was a bit of confusion about where to cut, how much to cut, etc.  Cake-cutting didn't really come with a manual; all we knew is that we had to try to do it together.

Note the confused looks on our faces...

We took the cake cutter and made a slice.  Then we made another slice. 

It wasn't so hard after all...

Mr. Goodlaff went first, and delicately shoved a small bit of cake in my mouth.

And I repaid the favor, by being nice right back...

 I did, however, have a bit of frosting on my finger, which somehow ended up on Mr. Goodlaff's nose, which he was less than thrilled with...

Our cake bar was a monster success.  We had people go back for seconds (including me!), thirds, and fourths, and still had leftover cake.  The caterers also did us a huge favor and cut Mr. Goodlaff and I a piece of every single flavor, so we could try them all.  They were all fantastic.  Donna The Cake Artist did such an amazing job, and we just loved everything about the cakes.  

Even now, people who were there still talk about our cake bar and how fantastic it was!  Total win!

What's your dessert situation?

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  1. omgosh a cake bar! um..and why wasn't i invited? lol that's an AWESOME idea.