Friday, August 12, 2011

May Day!: The Luckiest

Deciding on our first dance wasn't nearly as hard as deciding on our entrance song.  I'd say that fairly early on, we knew what the song was, and that there was nothing more perfect for us in terms of first dances.  We chose "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. It's not a typical first dance song;  it's a little quirky, but beautiful, and it still gets me a little choked up.  Press play.  You won't regret it, I promise.  

We got out on the dance floor, and our song began:

For a while, it felt like there was no one in the room but us.  We basked in our little newlywed love bubble.

Then, as the song wore on, it became really clear that EVERYONE was watching us.  And we were being boring--no twirls, no spins, nothing.

I took a second to look at the decor (yes, it looked the way I had pictured it!).

And finally the dance was over, and Mr. Goodlaff and I sat down at our sweetheart table.  We were ready for dinner!

Mr. Goodlaff and I didn't take dance lessons before the wedding, and maybe we should have.  The song is a bit on the longer side (around 4 minutes), and all we did was stand there and do the eighth grade slow dance shuffle.  It can't have been exciting for our guests to watch.  In some small way, I'm okay with it, because I'm about as graceful as an elephant and probably would have been a disastrous dancer anyway, but there's another part of me that wishes we'd at least put some effort into learning how to spin or dip or waltz or someting.  So, if you're thinking about doing lessons, and all you know is the eighth grade slow dance shuffle, I say go for it--learn some new steps. Or, if you're not taking lessons, dance to a shorter song, because four minutes of turning in a circles while everyone watches you is agony...

Are you taking dance lessons?

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