Thursday, August 11, 2011

May Day!: Too-Rah-Loo-Rah

Very early on in the planning process, our DJ told Mr. Goodlaff and I that the entrance song--the song which you enter your reception to--is the most important song of the evening.  Even more important than your first dance song, the entrance song, he said, sets the tone for your entire reception. Pick a good song and you will have a rockin' party.  A bad song equals a snooze-fest.  So, no pressure or anything. 

Accordingly, Mr. Goodlaff and I had a hell of a time picking our entrance song.  We didn't want to pick the wrong song, for fear of setting the tone for a crappy reception, so we thought and thought and thought some more, but nothing seemed to be exactly what we were going for.  After months of debate, with many song rejects, the answer was so simple that we should have figured it out earlier: we would enter to our song.  Well, a cover of our song.

For reasons beyond all explanation, "Come On Eileen," by Dexy's Midnight Runners is our song.  It's not particularly romantic or sentimental, but it's ours, and sometimes a song just fits, and that's just how it is.  In fact, "Come On Eileen" is how we first came to meet our DJ, and it's how, months later, he knew who we were when we contacted him about playing at our wedding.

We decided that it would be a perfect entrance song, but because we wanted to hear it twice in one evening, and because we wanted something with a bit more kick than the original, we chose a cover of our song done by the ever-peppy ska band, Save Ferris: 

Talk about setting the tone!  It turned out to be the perfect entrance song!

Our parents entered first:



Mama and Daddy Goodlaff

Our family was shortly followed by our bridal party:

BM Sunrise with Groomsman M

BM Cosmo with Groomsman K

BM TCollins with Groomsman D and Flower Girl Dee

Sister Goodlaff with BIL Goodlaff

Sister Goodlaff and BIL Goodlaff had a little routine planned, which is why they look a little goofy here.  They were supposed to come in with a swaggering style, brushing their shoulders in a "I'm so awesome" kind of way, but looking back at the pictures, it seems that only Sister Goodlaff remembered to do it.

Finally, we were announced!

The crowds cheered for us--the new Mr. and Mrs.--and we got out on the dance floor, ready for our first dance!

 Did you have a hard time picking an entrance song?

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