Wednesday, August 10, 2011

May Day!: I Think We're Alone Now

After all the pictures with other people were taken, we had 25 minutes until our reception started, and instead of going inside and eating appetizers and drinking some wine, Mr. Goodlaff and I posed for even more pictures.  But this time, we were all alone.  Well, except for our photographer...

We took advantage of a lot of great locations around the Miners Foundry, and in Nevada City.

By the ivy-covered back wall...

By the neighboring winery doorway...

Behind the Foundry's back door...It's entirely possible that this is one of my favorite pictures of Mr. Goodlaff and I from our wedding day.  I love the colors, the background--everything!

On the street, by what used to be the Foundry garage...

Across the street, in front of a storage shed, of all things...

We even took time to be a little bit goofy.  I believe I was trying to show the fluffiness of my dress without tripping and rolling down the hill (hence the look on my face)...

Mr. Goodlaff does a mean Michael Jackson impression.

On our way back from our "Romantics," Mr. Goodlaff got his own bridal moment,

And I was swarmed by the paparrazi!

Despite appearances to the contrary, we actually had fun taking all these photos, and I think we were, for the most part, extremely well-behaved for Niki and her assistant!

Photos over, it was finally time to head in and get ready to enter our reception!

Are you planning on having multiple locations for your couple shots?

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  1. i LOVE all your pictures. i love all the sweet romantic ones and of course that first goofy picture. too cute! oh and now you've inspired me to ask mathew to take his own bridal picture too because mr. goodlaff does it so well ;)